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Here are some fascinating places to visit on the World Wide Web to learn more about making your self virtually immune from disease.
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Frontline: The Alternative Fix - read the script of this program

David M. Eisenberg is the Director of the Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School and the Division for Research and Education in Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies. Eisenberg had uncovered what he called "the hidden mainstream of American medicine." One in three American adults were using some sort of alternative therapy. They were spending $10 billion out of pocket. And only 28 percent of those surveyed said they had ever discussed their alternative practices with their primary care doctors. The publication of Eisenberg's survey was a pivotal moment. Doctors across the country were shocked and humbled to learn the extent to which their own patients were going elsewhere for their health care needs.

Medical Practitioners featured on this Frontline episode

The Cancer Cure Foundation - Dr. Nicholas Gonzales

Homeopathy - Dr Edward Shalts

United States Government Alternative Health Links

Fact: Over 1/5th of US hospitals nationally offer alternative treatments.

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Health
National Institutes of Health - U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
Founded in 1991 by Senator Tom Harkin after Bee Pollen relieved his allergies.

Alternative Medicine (MEDLINEplus)

Alternative Medicine (healthfinder)

Naturopathic Medicine (healthfinder)

Herbal Medicine (MEDLINEplus)

Complementary Medicine (healthfinder)

Chinese Medicine (healthfinder)

National Center For Complementary and Alternative Medicine (National Institutes of Health)

Office Of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (National Cancer Institute)

Health Information about Alternative and Complementary Medicine (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Information Database (Health and Human Services, Combined Health Information Database)

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