Siberian Chaga's 4600 year history

Chaga is documented as having a long history in oriental and russian medicine. It is touted by those that are selling it as being beneficial in a variety of health related problems. Most of these companies are multi level marketing companies and they are implying because of anecdotal evidence and ancient medical research that Chaga is a miracle healer or even a "Fountain of Youth". However, when you purchase any product for health from a marketing company one should be cautious. Where is the current medical research on Chaga? Why is it only allowed as a food additive in the US? Why has the US medical Establishment not supported Chaga if it is so good on tumors, cancer, viruses and the like? Why is more cancer study being done on mushrooms like shiitake and not chaga? These questions need to be asked and since the answers are not forthcoming we have chosen to no longer support chaga on this site.

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4600 B.C.

First documented use of medicinal mushrooms for healing and longevity by Asian culture

100 B.C.


The medicinal almanac Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing presents the life work of the Divine Farmer, Shen Nong, classifying Chaga as superior class. Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing: Materia Medica of Deity of Agriculture, is an earliest medical material dictionary was composed around the era of Qin and Han dynasties. There were 365 kinds of medical materials collected in this book.