Chaga Case Studies - Japan

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Sex Age Result
Female 38 She had severe eczema since age 28, particularly within the skin folds. She underwent Western pharmacology and Acupuncture treatments for over 10 years without any relieving results. A friend recommended Chaga, drank 2 grams dosages daily and within 1.5 months all the problems disappeared. Her attitude and lifestyle has completely changed.
Female 44 She suffered from severe facial and skin problems and had trouble sleeping. She drank Chaga daily and within five months, recovered fully.
Female 65 In March 2001 she underwent surgery for stomach cancer. The side effects from the drugs were unbearable. She stopped taking the drugs and commenced to drink mega dosages of Chaga. She started to “feel better” immediately. There are no signs of cancer cells two years later.
Male 9 In January 2000 he was diagnosed with leukemia. The cost of treatment was estimated to be $80,000 for Western pharmacology/hospitalization. Being of lower class income, the family decided to try Chaga instead. The white cell count had fallen to normal levels, and now two years later, he leads a normal life.
Male 54 He has diabetes and was recommended Chaga by a friend. Within six months, he noticed a significant improvement in his skin complexion and level of energy. Being a diabetic he is still careful with his choice of foods and drinks.
Male 58 He suffered from constipation for many years. Drinking the Chaga tea daily for four months, his problem has been relieved.
Female 23 She had a mild case of eczema and allergies. Instead of drinking Chaga tea, she rubbed the concoction on her skin daily for several months. The prior symptoms have disappeared.
Female 53 Her blood pressure was very high at 170/140. She was recommended Chaga and within six months her high blood pressure dropped to 130/80, a normal range for her age.
Male 56 He suffered from severe job-related stress and could not properly digest his food. He drank Chaga tea daily for four months noticing a remarkable improvement.
Female 27 She cannot sleep well at nights creating extreme nervousness. She commenced drinking Chaga and within a few days noticed a “calming effect”
Male 42 He had an operation for throat cancer. He is also a diabetic with extremely high blood glucose levels. The doctor recommended daily insulin but he rejected this treatment. He started to drink Chaga daily but for three months there were nil effects on the glucose count. Then the glucose levels started to decrease and remained constant the next three months.

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