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Chaga contains large amounts of betulin or betulinic acid, a natural substance that is being studied for use because of its anti-cancer properties. Chaga also contains the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals found in other medicinal mushrooms such as the maitake and shiitake mushrooms in a form that can be ingested orally.

In a 48 patient human clinical trial in Poland in 1957, ten patients treated with chaga showed a reduction of tumor size, a decrease in pain, a decrease in the intensity and the frequency of hemorrhaging, and a recovery that was accompanied with better sleep, appetite and feelings of improvement. Most of these patients were female treated with chaga for cancer of the genital organs or breast cancer.

Chaga contains an extraordinary amount of phyto-nutrients with remarkable cancer fighting properties as well as benefiting those with HIV, diabetes, tumors, high blood pressure or cholesterol and obesity. Here are some of the most recent results or endorsements.

 Patient  Age Symptoms
Female 76  She suffers from severe arthritis, especially in the hip joint area and is a type 2 diabetic. According to the patient, she drank 2 grams chaga-containing water daily. Within four months, the pain in the hip area subsided allowing her to sit for long periods without pain. Her high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels dropped to normal levels. She avoids any kind of alcohol and eats a balanced diet without much red meat.
Female 70 She is a type 2 diabetic. Does not smoke or drink and eats a balanced diet consisting mainly of vegetables, rice, fruits, fish and a small amount of red meat. Within 3 months of drinking 2 grams chaga water daily, her LDL Cholesterol decreased and HDL (good cholesterol) increased. Skin complexion also improved dramatically. Dosage now cut to 1 gram daily.
Female 50 She experienced early menopause at the age of 49. She started drinking 1 gram chaga water for four months. Her menstrual cycle returned to normal and is now quite regular once again. She noticed her skin complexion improved considerably especially the color and texture of the face.
Male 55 He is overweight by about 12 kg. His cholesterol and triglyceride levels are within the normal range, albeit on the upper range. He started drinking chaga, one gram dosage and immediately noticed weight loss. He lost 3 kg within three months. However his diet hardly changed at all during this period. He drinks approximately 10-12 glasses of beer or vodka weekly and eats three solid meals a day, consisting of red meats, fish, rice, vegetables and fruits. He trains in the gym 2-3 times per week and walks approximately 20-25 km on the weekends.
Female Late 30s She underwent radiation treatment for a thyroid problem, feeling pain and weak for several months. She started drinking chaga, about one gram dosage daily for approximately two months. The persistent pain around the throat and thyroid nodules disappeared. She does not feel nauseated all the time and her energy level increased dramatically. Skin complexion also improved.
Male 16 He has severe dermatology problems with an excess amount of pimples and redness on both cheeks. He is quite active playing sports daily at times 3-5 hours a day on the weekends. He has a healthy appetite eating at least 4 meals a day. He weighs 60 kg , height 188 cm. But he eats an excess of fried foods, sweetened beverages and confectionary. He started drinking one gram chaga water for two months. His skin complexion cleared up considerably. The redness disappeared and the size of the pimple pores decreased significantly.
Female Mid 40s She is a former alcoholic and currently drinks modestly, equivalent to 5-6 glasses of wine per week. She works out regularly. She has a very hyperactive nervous system, and most noticeable, her hands continuously shake. She started drinking chaga water for three months. The hands stopped shaking within two months and she noticed a particularly calming effect. She suspects she has a minor form of Parkinson’s disease although she has not received any medical attention.
Male   Mid 60s He has pancreas cancer. He is drinking mega dosages of chaga in conjunction with Chinese acupuncture treatment and herbal medicines. He started the treatment four months ago. He feels less pain and less fatigue with this combined treatment.
Male   40s He has chronic bronchitis and underwent acupuncture treatment for one month. He was previously taking prescribed pharmacology medicines, but the drugs left him lethargic and tired, so he stopped and changed to acupuncture treatment. He started to drink mega dosages of chaga water and within a month, the persistent coughing stopped. He continues with both the acupuncture treatment and chaga. His skin complexion and luster improved dramatically.
Female 50s She was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in the uterus. She started drinking mega dosages of chaga for three months. The tumor disappeared. Chaga contains an extraordinary amount of Beta Glucan, which is a powerful immune stimulator to combat B Lymphocytes, natural killer cells and suppresses T cells.
Female 65 She underwent breast cancer surgery six years ago. She is completely free of any cancerous cells. However she started smoking cigarettes again and for preventative purposes started drinking chaga six months ago. No conclusive results to date.
Male     58 He has hepatitis with the SGOT and SGPT count in the lower 200-300 range. Normal counts are under 30. He is also a type 2 diabetic and 10-12 kg overweight. After drinking chaga for four months, the count decreased to 45, still high but a significant improvement. He drinks about 3 grams per liter of water daily.
Female Mid 30s She has a severe allergy problem especially in the spring time when the air is heavily pollinated with blooming flowers and plants. Her allergy problem decreased significantly after drinking chaga. She was physically examined by western medical practitioners who stated that the Chaga’s Lanostan nutrients could have been the reason for the allergy inhibition. Chaga contains a high level of Allergen, a type of antibody.
Male 53 His diet consists of high red meat consumption, high carbohydrates, lack of food fiber and excess processed foods. His blood cholesterol level is 230 mg per dl, on the high side of the recommended range which is 130-230 mg/dl. He is approximately 20 kg overweight. He started drinking 2 grams chaga water daily. His cholesterol dropped considerably to 180 mg/dl in two months combined with a change in his diet. He drinks less alcohol and reduced red meat consumption. The color of his skin and complexion improved considerably.
Female Mid 40s She suffers from night vision problems and has extreme difficulty to drive a car at night. The beam from opposing cars is a frightening experience. After drinking chaga water for approximately two months, the night vision problem virtually disappeared.

Chaga contains an extraordinary amount of phyto-nutrients such as Beta Glucans, Polysaccharides, and other synergistic anti mutagenic and anti viral minerals, amino acids and nucleosides.

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