Chaga and Fighting Cancer

Breast Cancer? Uterine Cancer? Gastritis? Ulcers? If so, click here to read Medicinal Mushrooms, a research paper by by Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., A.H.G.

Background Notes and Key Information on Chaga:

The publications of several key clinical and scientific papers in 2000 and 2002 with regards to the role of "Antioxidants" and "Medicinal Mushrooms" and focusing on Inonotus obliquus better know as "Siberian Chaga Mushroom" and its role in curtailing

Oncological Expressions, Cancer Cell reproduction and as a natural defense for multiple other maladies created a worldwide renewed interest in this rare and highly priced "King of the Herbs". The worldwide "Natural and Alternative Medicine" movement today, has re-discovered and embraced Siberian Chaga for its medicinal qualities. As a result, Siberian Chaga is the most highly prized of all medicinal mushrooms commanding as much as twelve (12) times the value of other medicinal mushrooms and used today as the base natural product in over fourty six (46) oncological pharmaceutical medications and compounds.

For the past fourty (40) years 1,600 modern scientific studies have demonstrated and proven the pharmacological effects for the immune, hormonal and central nervous system. Siberian Chaga is neither a plant or animal yet its DNA make up is thirty (30%) per cent closer to humans than plants. Classified scientifically as: Basidiomycetes mushrooms to which there are approximately 200 species have demonstrated medicinal values. Siberian Chaga is far and above any other Basidiomycetes. Siberian Chaga contains the highest value ever recorded in the ORAC Scale and is over 40,000 times more potent in antioxidants than the closest natural product in foods or essential oils.

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